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It's been a while....I've been a busy bee.....

I admit, I have neglected my blog! These things start out as great intentions which very quickly are hampered by toddlers, continuing education, sleep (what's that!?) and of course actual work. Lets have a quick catch up...

This year has been busy, and all kinds of lush, with some beautiful flowers and gorgeous couples in the mix. I've been involved in a few stunningly curated styled shoots and have continued to upskill at college of a Wednesday, where I'm working towards my Level3 advanced floristry qual. Oh, and I'm now an official member of the Institute of Professional Florists - weird as I still get imposter syndrome on the regs!

The past 2 weeks in particular have been a bit mental at Dancing Dahlia HQ (a.k.a. Unit L, Tanfield Industrial estate South) with 7 "events" in the space of 10 days.....that was tough! I thought about counting up how many bouquets, buttonholes, and centrepieces this amounted to, then decided a glass of prosecco was a better idea. I DID get the pleasure of flowering up the newly opened Runa Farm with some bloody lush floral pillars, 200+ coloured bud vases, and various other bits and bobs which was certainly a highlight! I will include some crudely captured photos from my humble Samsung phone, although the colours just cant be appreciated without the professional touch!

In between my own jobs, I have been freelancing for the ever lush Kate up at Northumbrian Flowers, Kate trusts me with elements of her work that really humbles me (or rather freaks me out haha). I got a canny 5 hour run at a foam free staricase installation at Dalton Pump House which left me buzzing for days!

I managed to snag a few days off this week to escape to Haggerston Castle with the husband, toddler, and stepkids for a bit chill. I have returned early to condition flowers for this weeks wedding, but don't worry - I fully intend to spend a week across the sea before winter kicks in.....toddler's passport will be with me by the end of the week and I have been researching splash pads in Majorca like a crazy obsessed lady (my phone is FULL of screenshots!).

I also found out today I managed a Distinction in my L3 advanced Floristry theory exam (woop woop) - yet another excuse for a prosecco as I was convinced I would miss out on the top grade due to a 12 mark question on the care requirements of a Schlumbergera plant (if you're interested, its a Christmas cactus. If you're still none the wiser, join the club!).

Oh and look at my happy little face. Happy little florist :)

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