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A Weekend of Firsts...

Last weekend saw our FIRST PROPER WEDDING since the pandemic began!! It's been nigh on 2 years really, and it was sooooo good to be back doing some creative work and getting my hands on a venue. And talking of venues, another first - THE FIRST EVER WEDDING at this bloody spectacular venue, Bradbury Glade. Go check it out - it's not far from Durham, just off the A1, but feels like you're in an actual fairy tale! Its basically a gigantic tee pee, and a raw wooden ceremony structure (this is a literal dream come true for the likes of me as it has so much potential to be transformed!). It's in the middle of lush trees with wooden walkways and festoon lighting....*swoon*

I'm really hoping I get the opportunity to share some pro shots of this one because I saw how AMAZING the bridal party looked - the bright flowers popped like crazy against the navy suits, and the couple's dog was even flowered up! Also my venue shots are pretty pants as usual....I'm always working to the last second getting everything just how I want it so photos are an afterthought at best! We hung wired carnation heads like pom-poms on ribbons from the rafters, and pimped up a lush geometric arch which was built by the groom (and an awesome job he did of it too!). There were also some floor- level aisle sprays to match, and some super colourful arrangements in the tee pee.

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