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2023: pre-season round up!

Well I am still rubbish at blogging it seems! SO much has happened, and so many flowers have come through the studio since my last post.

Some of the venues our flowers were seen in since we last spoke....Le Petit Chateau, Healey Barn, Dalton Old Pumphouse, Slaley Hall, Willows at Woodmans, Slaley Hall, Lodore Falls, Jesmond Dene House, The Baltic, Middleton Lodge......I am a luck florist getting to add a floral touch to such amazing spaces! I will attach a few photos of some highlights!

Our first wedding of 2023 was at the absolutely STUNNING Middleton Lodge. When you see images of weddings at this venue, you may be mistaken in thinking its simply a lovely glass room with a nice garden. WRONG. It's an ENTIRE ESTATE. Needs to be seen to be properly appreciated, and if you're after a true showstopper for your big day, add it to your list to check out!

One distinctive feature of Middleton Lodge (at least for us florists) is that it is entirely foam-free. This means we have to work a little differently when putting together your venue arrangements, but we have the knowledge and skills required for the job! If you require foam-free floristry, just let us know and we can advise how this will affect the finished aesthetics and longevity of your items!

Another feature of Middleton Lodge is the hanging installation that's often seen in The Fig House. I underestimated how high the struts were that i needed to attach my chains to. Massively. We got there, it looked lush, and next time i will be investing in a massive set of swanky ladders so i don't have to use the venue's rickety maintenance ladders which had me praying for my life!!

We also returned to Runa Farm earlier this year which is always fun! Bud vases were the theme of the day once more, and we showcased some gorgeous now cheesecloth runners which we now have available to hire. We will be back at Runa Farm later this year for a super exciting wedding with some extra special touches!

We visited Eden Barn for the first time a few weeks ago for the wedding of Natalie and James and i was super impressed by this gorgeous, family-run venue. It is a little further afield than my usual jobs and if was really enjoyable to be somewhere new. Check it out!

I also did a bit freelancing for Kate up at Northumbrian Flowers recently, working on a gorgeous colourful set up at Hexham Wintergardens. Will add a pic!

As for me personally, i have now finished my Level 3 Floristry exams! The exams themselves were "interesting" to say the least!

My toddler is now 2 and a half and i the throes of the terrible twos. She also identifies as a bunny rabbit and reminds us multiple times that she isn't Cora, and she's not mammy's little girl, she's "just a bunny rabbit".

I also entered serious midlife crisis territory by dying my hair various shades of pink, purple and blue. At least you can't miss me if we have an in-person consultation!

Hopefully my next update will be within the next month or so.....a couple of lush weddings planned for June, so will update (fingers crossed) early July!


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